HSDJETS 90mm EDF Viper A 6S Red PNP

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Wingspan 1400mm (55.1in)
Length 1230mm (48.4in)
Flying Weight 3.26kg (7.2 lb) w/ 6S battery
Wing area 20.5 dm2
Wing load 159 g/dm2
EDF diameter 90mm 10-blade
Power System 6S 3541-1550KV brushless Outrunner Motor
Electronic Speed Control 100A
Cruising speed 180 km/h
Flying time 4 mins (full throttle)
Painting surface treatment Low gloss

12g ×2 Metal gear with 380mm lead (Ailerons)
12g ×1 Metal gear with 260mm lead (Left flap)
12g ×1 Metal gear with 260mm lead rev (Right flap)
12g ×1 Metal gear with 170mm lead (Left elevator)
12g ×1 Metal gear with 170mm lead rev (Right elevator)
12g ×1 Metal gear with 120mm lead (Rudder)
12g ×1 Metal gear with 300mm lead rev (Nose wheel steering)
12g ×3 Metal gear (360°lock Hatch cover)

CG (Center of Gravity) 100mm from the leading edge of the Main Wing
Landing Gears Metal electric retractable hydraulic landing gear ×3
Radio System 6 channel (required & not included)
Battery 6S 22.2V 5000mAh LiPo with AS150 type connector(required & not included)
Battery Charger 6S LiPo battery charger (required & not included)
Ailerons Yes
Elevator Yes
Rudder Yes
Flaps Yes
Lights Yes
Hinge Type Nylon hinges
Material EPO foam
Skill Level Intermediate
Build Time 1~2 hours


  • Fuselage ×1
  • Left Wing ×1
  • Right Wing ×1
  • Horizontal Stabilizer ×1
  • Vertical Stabilizer ×1
  • Main wing carbon tube L=520mm diameter=10mm ×1
  • Sticker ×1
  • Accessories Bag ×1
    • Nylon rocker arm of servo ×1
    • Nylon rudder angle ×2
    • Nylon rudder angle gasket ×2
    • Nylon Chuck ×2 (Metal Thimble)
    • Screw (PA3×25mm) ×2 (Horizontal Stabilizer)
    • Screw (PA3×10mm) ×4 (Wing)
    • Screw (PA3×8mm) ×4 (Vertical Stabilizer)
    • Screw (PA2×12mm) ×2
  • Manual×1
  • 6 channel radio system (radio & receiver)
  • 6S 22.24V 5000mAh LiPo with AS150 type connector
  • 6S LiPo battery charger
Existing reviews
HSD 90mm Viper pro version 2
Plane arrived with no damage and looked and assembled great. The only assembly issue was that the two screws that attach the vertical stab at the rear are too long and jam together before tightening completely. Both winglets had slight creases in them but were still structurally OK. It is still winter in Michigan so I have not had a chance to fly the model but looking at all the videos of it flying  makes me excited to try mine.
Howard | 3/21/2018 1:11 PM
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