HSDJETS 105mm EDF H-F16 White Red PNP 12S With Gyro

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Wingspan 1245mm (49in)
Length 1809mm (71.2in)
Flying Weight 6.1kg (13.4 lb) w/ 12s
Power System 12S 4253-700KV brushless Outrunner Motor
Electronic Speed Control 160A
Cruising speed 180 km/h
Flying time 4 mins (full throttle)
Painting surface treatment Low gloss

25g ×4 Metal gear with 150mm lead (Elevator & ailerons)
12g ×1 Metal gear with 260mm lead (Rudder)
12g ×1 Metal gear with 600mm lead (Nose wheel steering)
12g ×1 Metal gear with 460mm lead Rev (Nose door servo)
12g ×1 Metal gear with 400mm lead Rev (left door servo)
12g ×1 Metal gear with 400mm lead (Right door servo)
12g ×3 Metal gear (360°lock Hatch cover)

CG (Center of Gravity) 178mm from the leading edge of the Main Wing
Landing Gears Metal electric retractable hydraulic landing gear ×2
Radio System 6 channel (required & not included)
Battery 12S 44.4V 5000mAh LiPo with AS150 type connector(required & not included)
Battery Charger 6S ×2 LiPo battery charger (required & not included)
Ailerons Yes
Elevator Yes
Rudder Yes
Flaps No
Lights Yes
Hinge Type Nylon hinges
Material EPO foam
Skill Level Senior
Build Time 1~2 hours


  • Fuselage ×1
  • Left Wing ×1
  • Right Wing ×1
  • Left Horizontal Stabilizer ×1
  • Right Horizontal Stabilizer ×1
  • Vertical Stabilizer ×1
  • Nose ×1
  • Cockpit canopy ×1
  • Left missile ×1
  • Right missile ×1
  • Left tail fin ×1
  • Right tail fin ×1
  • Main wing carbon tube L=715mm diameter=10mm ×1
  • White Sticker ×1
  • Gyro ×1
  • Accessories Bag ×1
    • Nylon airspeed tube ×1
    • Nylon antenna ×1
    • Pull rod(1.5×52mm) ×1(Fit the chuck)
    • Nylon rudder angle ×3
    • Nylon rudder angle gasket ×3
    • Screw (PM3×10mm) ×4 (Wing)
    • Screw (PA3×10mm) ×4 (Vertical Stabilizer)
    • Screw (PA2×12mm) ×3
    • Screw (PA3×15mm) ×1 (Nose)
    • Long rocker arm ×1
    • Nylon chuck ×2
  • Manual ×1

  • 6 channel radio system(radio & receiver)
  • 12S 44.4V 5000mAh LiPo with AS150 type connector
  • 6S×2 LiPo battery charger
Existing reviews
Best foam EDF F-16 on the market!
I "stepped up" to this F-16 from a 90mm EDF version.  Just when you thought these models can't get any better, this one comes along.  At 1/8 scale, it's a nice size as well.

First, it screws together.  So not only does this make for a quick build, but you could also break it back down for transport or storage.

The gear is beautiful, especially the 90° rotating nose gear...and the locking servos ensure it won't fold up on you.  The hydraulic gear keeps it planted on landing since the spring rebound is dampened.  The gear is mounted with machine screws into metal fasteners molded into the gear mount, which is molded into and glued to the foam.  Overall, the gear design is stronger than any other foam EDF I've owned...and that's important to me since I fly off grass.

As with the three other foam EDF F-16s I've owned, power is good but could be better. It feels comfortable for me and flies well at 75% throttle or more.  With 5500/70C batteries, I'm getting right at 3 minutes of flight time from takeoff roll to touchdown, with average cell voltage at 3.78v.

The best thing about this jet, it is the easiest landing F-16 I've ever flown, granted you have the CG between 175-178mm.  Get it lined up on final, ease back on the throttle until it settles into a high AOA and fly it in.

I've been very happy with this purchase and definitely recommend this jet to anyone wanting to get into bigger EDFs. Additionally, I see it as a great stepping stone to HSD's turbine version.
Guest | 3/29/2018 7:37 PM
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